Rocket Building Approvals

The next generation of building certifiers

Introducing Rocket Building Approvals, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast private building certifiers. We provide certification and approvals ranging from swimming pools, sheds, carports to new homes & unit complexes. Specialising in residential projects for custom builders and designers on the Gold Coast and the Greater surroundings area.

As Private Certifiers, we provide helpful advice on all different aspects of both the building industry and the approval process. Our focus is to ensure the building paperwork and process is easy and smooth as we can make it. We strive to use our combined 25+ years of industry knowledge to give the best expert advice and service in the most timely, cost-effective way.

Are you ready to submit your application for proposed building works? Give our team a call to book an appointment. We can help you easily and expertly comply with building regulations and guidelines, avoiding further unwanted charges and getting your project underway as soon as possible!

Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast
Private Building
Approvals Certifiers

Rocket Building Approvals

The next generation of building certifiers

At RocketBA we are a Gold Coast Private Certification company that provides building certification and approvals, specialising in residential projects for custom builders and designers.

New Homes

Simple homes to grand architectural designed homes, we can handle your project fast and efficient.

Bushfire Assessments

Does your property falls within a Bushfire Hazard Area? Rocket BA can facilitate the bushfire reports required.

Carports/Patios and Pergolas

Queensland has on average 300 days of sunshine a year and whether a carport, patio, or pergola to provide shade and security we can provide approvals for these structures.

Town Planning (RAA) Lodgments

We can provide guidance on when and how to reduce the need for town planning.


Generally, sheds over 10m2 need a building approval. If you are not sure speak to us today to advise

Energy Efficiency Reports

Rocket BA can facilitate Energy Efficiency Assessment for new homes and most renovations.

Duplexes and Multiple Units

These types of developments can be tricky to navigate and a lengthy process, we can advise you best how to speed up and common mistakes we see. Speak to us today.

Plumbing Applications

Rocket BA can facilitate your Plumbing Application for council so the plumber can get on with the job.

Pre-purchase Building Code Compliance Assessments

Buying a new house and unsure if the home is compliant?


Whether renovating or extending your property to add value is a great idea, speak to us today about how to get it completed the right way.

Driveway VXO Lodgments

Application will be required if new or refurbished Driveways cross councils nature strip/verge.

Swimming Pools

Thinking about building a swimming pool? Contact us for where to start.

Build over Infrastructure Lodgments

RocketBA can provide guidance and advise on relevant infrastructure and compliance.


Don’t make the mistake of knocking down a heritage home, we can provide demolition approvals within 24 hours.

Need an



We have used RocketBA since they started operating, and use them for all building approvals, Matt and Georgi are the best in the business!!. They have an answer for everything and think outside the square to get the job done.

Dan Hollis - Business Owner

Matt and Georgi were a breeze to deal with. Simplifying all the information provided to me making the process so much easier to understand. Georgi actually saved us thousands in future renovations so I can't thank her enough. Will 100% use this company again.

Matt Higgs - Home Owner

Georgi was completely helpful, pleasant and easy to deal with. Wonderful presentation and made us feel very comfortable

Louisa Marie - Home Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team are experienced professionals, on hand to help with all of your residential building approvals.


Private certifiers inspect and approve building work to ensure it complies with the approved building plans and appropriate building standards including the Planning Act 2017, the Building Code of Australia, Building Act 1975 and specific building legislation.

Building certifiers do not:

- Project manage or supervise trades or builders.
- Ensure a builder is complying with their contract
- Quality Control and disputes.
- Cannot certify or approve work with which they are personally involved as a builder or designer, or from which they are able to gain a profit


Under the Queensland legislation some minor building work is considered accepted development. Some local government planning schemes may require building approval. If the work is accepted development, the owner is responsible for ensuring the work complies with applicable standards, including structural sufficiency, size limits and boundary setbacks.

When do I need a Building Approval?

A building approval is generally required  when the scope of works are more than the below:

  • A garden shed up to 2.4 metres high (2.1 metres mean height), 10m2, 5.0 metres long and not located in the front or waterfront setback areas,
  • A fence not more than 2.0 metres high.
    • Swimming pool fencing needs approval for new work regardless of the height
    • Waterfront areas and corner lots also have special rules,
  • A one metre high retaining wall (if no loads are imposed above it, such as a building or driveway),
  • Deck up to 1.0 metre high and 10m2 when not located in any required setback area.
  • Roofed patio up to 2.4 metres high (2.1 metres mean height), 10m2, 5.0 metres long when not located in any required setback area.

If you're not sure if you require a building approval, Send us an email or give us a call.

Can Council make you pull down a structure?

Yes, If you have been issued a show cause notice from Council and after a period of time and you don't provide a building approval or its unable to obtain a building approval, Council will require the structure to be removed.